Ticket update 15-10-15: And we've finished all tickets for saturday! There still are some tickets for sale online for friday, and thursday and sunday you can get at the door! But all weekend tickets and saturday tickets are gone now. :-) (and also a bit sad for those who don't have a ticket…)

You can buy your tickets (weekend and day tickets) for CaDansa here through the external ticket provider Ticketscript. More explanation on the different tickets and for whom the discount rate is meant, you will find underneath.

In the presale online, we will only sell daytickets for friday and saturday. This because otherwise the service costs will be to high. Tickets for thursday and sunday you can only buy at the door, and they will be available unlimited. Also if you already bought your weekend ticket without thursday, and you decide to come the whole weekend, you can upgrade your ticket thursday at the door.

Weekend tickets (with or without thursday) are including the workshops, day tickets are not. At the festival you can buy for 10 euro a pass to join any workshop. More about the workshops you will find here.


Weekendtickets (incl. workshops) Regular Discount
Valid from Friday to Sunday
€ 72,50 € 62,50
Weekend + Thursday
Valid from Thursday to Sunday
€ 87,50 € 75,-
Daytickets (excl. workshops) Regular Discount
Thursday € 18,- € 15,- on the door
Friday € 20,- € 18,-
Saturday € 32,50 € 27,50
Friday + Saturday € 52,- € 45,-
Sunday € 18,- € 15,- on the door
Workshop € 10,- on the door


Can't see a ticketshop above? Click here!

How do I buy a ticket?

This year you can buy a ticket without any pre-registration or waitinglists. Through this website you will find a link to Ticketscript where you can buy your tickets. After selecting your desired ticket you'll have 15 minutes to pay your order with oune of the payment methods below. Make sure you have enough balance on your account when the ticket sales start. If you're unable to pay with one of the supported payment methods, please send an e-mail before the 15th of June 2015 to .

I have a question...

For questions about your order and the order process you can contact ticketscript via their website. For questions about the CaDansa festival, please find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

For whom are the reduced prices?

This year you'll be able to buy a ticket with a reduced price, just as last year. For the reduced prices we apply the following rule: if you don't have much money to spend and the full price would be a reason not to come (you're a poor student, you're unemployed or you have just been robbed) then you can buy a ticket at the reduced price. However, the organisation does not make any profit; all money goes directly to the festival. So if you can afford the full ticket price it will be very welcome! :-)