We are proud to present the lineup for CaDansa 2015!

Ballsy Swing (FR) »

Ballsy Swing is a band of 3 young musicians (some trained at the music conservatory) from Central France. Raised in the traditional music, with parents who also play a great deal, folk music is in their blood. All three of them play in several very good folk bands, like Le Sextet à Claques (Colin, Valere) and Gasconha Plus (Lucas). In Ballsy Swing, the boys mix melodic traditional tunes with beautiful compositions of their own.

Lucas Thebaut: diatonic accordion
Colin Delzant: cello
Valère Passeri: violin

Website Ballsy Swing

BmB (NL) »

BmB is a new project, especially created for Cadansa 2015, at the initiative of Wouter Kuyper. A power band, with only Dutch top musicians who came together to throw a party. They play a balanced set, with also a lot of sung dance music. Don't expect too much subtlety, but all the more energy, energy, ENERGY! Accordion, trumpet, bagpipes, guitar, bass, vocals. 5 men, 1 woman. Can you already fill in all the names?

All the melodies that they will play are already known in the Netherlands and abroad, (practically) all traditional... "We hope that what we bring will make it directly into everyone's session booklet".

Duo Cognet (FR)»

Antoine and Clémence are brother and sister who grew up with the traditional music and dance of the Auvergne. Together with friends they also play in Komred.

Antoine Cognet: (tenor)banjo, guitar, slide
Clémence Cognet: violin, feet, vocals

Duo Etienne (FR) »

Cyril and Loïc are two brothers who grew up in the rich folk tradition of the Auvergne. Together with friends they also play in Komred.

Cyril Etienne: clarinet
Loïc Etienne: diatonic accordion

Duo Marziano (NL/IT)»

A duo of a Dutch accordionist and an Italian percussionist (living in the Netherlands). Together they make a compelling combination of Italian, French, Dutch and Irish folk.

Erik de Jong: piano, accordion
Vincenzo Castellana: percussion

Duo Marziano

Duo Porto (FR) »

Here's a nice story: last year during CaDansa, two musicians ended up playing in the bar together. That meeting was so inspiring for both musicians (and so well received by the bystanders), they decided to start a duo. We actually stopped counting the amount of bands both guys are playing in, but... the more the better, we say! At CaDansa 2015, we will see the first performance of this new born formation.

Duo Tanghe Coudroy (FR) »

Dance music that is both cheerful and touching, both light and compelling, refined and energetic. Duo Coudroy Tanghe is a band to fall in love with. Martin Coudroy plays diatonic accordion with his roots in the Breton folk. He soon discovered the Swedish folk culture and added a lot of Swedish music to his repertoire. Together with guitarist Aurélien Tanghe, he plays a beautiful mix of central French, Breton and Swedish dance music.

Martin Coudroy: diatonic accordion
Aurélien Tanghe: guitar

Website Duo Tanghe-Coudroy
Duo Tanghe-Coudroy on MySpace

Komred (FR) »

Komred consists of 5 young musicians from the Auvergne who have been playing music together since at least 2004. They all have a great passion for the music and dance of their area, and know like no other how to breathe life into tradition. Expect plenty of Auvergne bourrees and a ball with incredible energy!

Antoine Cognet: (tenor)banjo, guitar, slide
Clémence Cognet: violin, feet
Cyril Etienne: clarinet
Loïc Etienne: diatonic accordion
Mathilde Karvaix: clarinet, vocals

Komred on Myspace
Komred video

La Jupette Barbue (FR) »

A capella, these three singers bring us beautiful dance music from central France. The voices of these two women and one man merge into one, and together they make contagious dance music to which no one can remain still. While there are still plenty of beautiful traditional folk songs, it is quite rare to hear singing at a bal, so this band is a very special addition to the program.

Carine Fourcade: vocals
Philippe Duval: vocals
Lia Ausserré: vocals

La Jupette Barbue on SoundCloud

Les Zeffeurs (FR) »

Living room version of the famed group Zef. The musicians play a more delicate bal set in the setting of constantly changing duos.

Baltazar Montanaro: violin
Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic accordion
Laurent Geoffroy: diatonic accordion, accordina
Damien Dulau: guitar, bouzouki
Jean-Michel Martineau: bass
Eddy Corade: sound

Les Zeffeurs on Myspace

Mélopées et Moribondes (FR) »

These wacky French turn every setting into a crazy party.


Mélopées et Moribondes on Vimeo
Mélopées et Moribondes video

Monsieur Fruits (FR) »

Monsieur Fruits plays in trio. With it's guitar, his voice and himself, a bit of sweetness, lightness and madness... He makes you enter in a world where everyone has the possibility to sing, dance and have some fun!

Monsieur Fruits online

Parapente700 (PT) »

This duo consists of the Portuguese Eva Parmenter and Ukrainian Denys Stetsenko. Both grew up in musical families, where they each learned to play their own traditional music from an early age. They met in the middle of improvisations of jam sessions in Portugal, and soon became a duo that likes to play their energetic but also subtle music to dancers deep into the night

Eva Parmenter: diatonic accordion, vocals
Denys Stetsenko: violin

Video Parapente700
Parapente700 on Facebook

Raphael Decoster solo (FR) »

ZEF (FR) »

ZEF consists of five experienced musicians from central France, who have been playing in this formation since 2001. They combine traditional instruments like the diatonic accordion with modern instruments such as the electric guitar, creating a solid sound. They play mostly original compositions, which are based on traditional dances and music.

Baltazar Montanaro: violin
Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic accordion
Laurent Geoffroy: diatonic accordion, accordina
Damien Dulau: guitar, bouzouki
Jean-Michel Martineau: bass

Website Zef
Zef on Myspace

Zoalo (NL) »

Zoalo is a duo from the south of the Netherlands, that plays songs with influences from jazz and folk: thrilling harmonies, familiar folk rhythms and melancholic melodies. They provide varied accompaniment during bals with guitar, flute, bass, harmonica and lots of songs for two voices.