CaDansa 22 - 25 October 2015

CaDansa, a wonderful festival full of crazy bands, funny games, beautiful connections, good coffee, local beers, a super-de-luxe hotel with amazing breakfast. We've got quite some reputation to keep up to, but we're working very hard to make it an even nicer experience than the last 3 years...
Hope you won't miss it this year!

The bands: Ballsy Swing (FR), BmB (NL) Duo Cognet (FR), Duo Etienne (FR), Duo Marziano (NL/IT), Duo Porto (FR), Duo Aurélien Tanghe Martin Coudroy (FR), Komred (FR), La Jupette Barbue (FR), Les Zeffeurs (FR), Mélopées et Moribondes (FR), Mr Fruits (FR), Parapente700 (PT), Raphael Decoster (FR), ZEF (FR) and Zoalo (NL)

Video's of previous editions:


17th of Octopus 2015


First of all, the bad news:
There are no more places available in primary school de Wereldwijzer and the waiting list is more than full as well.

All rooms at the van der Valk hotel that were available for the 3=2 discount have been booked. It is still possible to book a room at the normal rate.

The good news:
You can sleep in your campervan on the playground of the primary school. The available spots are limited, so sign up for a place at You will be able to use the showers and toilets. Keep in mind: it is not permitted to spend the night in your campervan anywhere else in Duiven. You risk a fine and will get us into trouble with the municipality :(

It looks like it will be great fun at organic farmer Casper’s place. About 20 people have already signed up to pitch their tent in his orchard or sleep in the straw hotel. In the morning they will be treated to a lovely organic breakfast. If you want Casper can arrange a rental bike for you.

You can still use the special page to book a caravan, chalet or bungalow with a 15% discount. Vakantiepark Arnhem is a little out of the way of Duiven though (20 km). On our Facebook page of via the carpool network you can try to find people who want to share a car and sleeping accommodations.

There is another hotel in Duiven, called Hotel Gieling. They still have some rooms available.

If you still have not found a sleeping place, let us know at, we will then do our best to get you in touch with others in the same boat.

Opening hours

This year we will open up the festival building on Friday afternoon as well. During the workshops you can come lounge in the Octopus’ Garden, have a jam session “at Grandma and Grandpa’s”, or play games with your (new) friends. We will bring some games with us, but make sure to bring your own favourites!

Under the sea

Nobody has guessed correctly why we have an underwater theme this year… It is because we will be dancing underneath a swimming pool this year! And even better: we will organise a balfolk-disco-swim party on Saturday afternoon! So bring your swimming gear and a towel. More information in the preCaDaily you will receive this week.

15th of Octopus 2015

Ticket update 15-10-15: And we've finished all tickets for saturday! There still are some tickets for sale online for friday, and thursday and sunday you can get at the door! But all weekend tickets and saturday tickets are gone now. :-) (and also a bit sad for those who don't have a ticket…)

2nd of Octopus 2015

Cloths Swapping

Like last year there will be a cloth swapping corner somewhere at the festival. For sure on thursday and sunday, maybe also on the other days, depending on if there is space for it. So please bring the dresses you don't wear anymore! And special request for guys! Please also bring your stuff you don't wear anymore, so we can make a guys corner too.

We can't really discuss taste of course, but we do want the cloths you bring to be nice and clean and not broken, in other words, cloths that someone else will be willing to wear.

21st of September 2015

Day tickets and workshops

Since last week we are selling the day tickets. And there still are plenty of weekend tickets available.

Also more and more information about the workshops is online. For the dance workshops you don't need to register, just show up (in time!). For the music workshops we do have a maximum of participants, so please register for them. More information you will find on the workshop-page.

16th of June 2015

Ticket presale online

Soon (at 20:00) the presale will open! The Ticketshop is online already, but they won't be selling tickets untill 20:00. You find the tickets (and prices) here.

Also more details about the hotel are online, you can make a reservation straight away. Check it out here.

30th of May 2015

Ticket presale

Ticket sales for weekend tickets will start 16th of June 20:00. The price of a weekend ticket Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday cannot be confirmed yet, but will be similar to last year’s prices. Of course there will also be a discounted rate. All prices, including those for day tickets, will soon be published here Oh yeah: the workshops are included in the price this year, so you don’t have to book them separately. Less stress!

Location: de OGtent, Duiven

This year there was again uncertainty about where the next edition would take place. We even heard people placing bets: a new location, or back to Duiven? And the answer is... both! The CCOG has demolished the old building, and in record time a new one is being built. We already went to have a look and it promises to become really nice. It will be completed this summer and CaDansa will be one of the first events! How nice is that for a kickoff...


CaDansa does not just attract enthusiastic, nice and happy dancers, but also amazing and lovely musicians. We very proud to be able to announce our four-day programme with wonderful bands from Portugal, France and the Netherlands. The complete programme will be posted at a later date.

Sleeping accommodations

We are still very busy trying to arrange affordable groupaccommodations that are suitable for a large group of dancers. We have not completely secured anything yet, but all hotels and hostels in the Duiven area have been forewarned about your arrival! Some of them are even willing to offer a nice discount. More information on sleeping accommodations can be found here.

Looking for EROs!

Our lovely volunteer team is looking for more Emergency Response Officers (EROs). Are you in possession of a valid ERO certificate and would you like to help us out as a volunteer from 22 – 25 October in exchange for a free weekend ticket, an amazing experience and our eternal gratitude? Email us at for more information. Do you know someone who may not attend bals that often, but does posses a ERO certificate and is interested in volunteering? Let him or her email us!

To make a long story short, we are bubbling with excitement behind the screens, want to bubble along?
22-25 October 2015!

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